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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Captain Majid on a Famicom Simulator

How to install the simulator (FCEUx) :
(if you use Windows, then search for it yourself on google :P
it has a version on windows, but it doesn't work on VISTA !)

Arabization team:

Captian majid famicom game (ROM+Simulator):

BONUS: Captain Majid PS2 !

PS: the image is a GIF animation, I don't know why it doesn't animate unless opened in a separate tab alone (FF3). Any idea ?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

System call graph for IIS/Windows and Apache/Linux

Originally posted :

This is a graph of system calls executed with IIS on a Windows Server, and the second image is the same for Apache on Linux. That's for rendering the same page with a single image.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Argument analysis - another non-technical useless post

((( This post is about t scientific arguments, as in the method, presentation; and value, not as in the science itself )))

When two people engage in an argument, it's because they have colliding opinions on some issue, or they are not seeing the entire other side's opinion

There are 3 possible outcomes of an argument:
1- One side proves his opinion is correct/superior and the other one is wrong/inferior
2- They reach a compromise or a trade-off. In the first one (2A), they were both wrong, and in the second one (2B) they were both right
3- They fail to reach anything out of it

Outcome 1 and 2, will occur because one side is less knowledgeable than the other, in which case I wouldn't classify it as an argument per se but rather an inquiry (1A). But it also typically occur in research teams where the whole team is researching an new topic and no one is more knowledgeable than the other (1B).

Case 3 also doesn't qualify as an argument, because each side left thinking he is right and the other is wrong. Thus a consensus was not reached. There is 3 reasons why this can happen:
1- Communication failure (3A)
2- Both parties are not knowledgeable enough/or is too arrogant (3B)
3- The topic itself does contradict itself, or the field they were discussing was a based on pure un-proven theories (3C)
Each of these 3 cases doesn't allow for an "argument" in the first place

Case 2B (both right) can be divided into 2 cases 2B' and 2B''
- 2B' they didn't reach a trade-off but only demonstrated that they have the exact point of view but were failing to communicate
- 2B'' they reached a trade-off, combining pieces of knowledge and creativity they created something new

What we can come out from that ?
2B'' and 1B are great argument that leads to an advancement and is worth the time spent
1A is good, but doesn't really qualify as an argument

Other cases are just plain useless, waste of time, and worst of all, unweighted sum of 5 argument out of each 8 are so.
Weighted sum differes between different environment and cultures.

To analyse that, I'll split them into three classes, the Great (I), the Good (II), and the Ugly (III)
Class I contains cases 2B'' and 1B, Class II contains only case 1A, and Class III contains the rest.

I'll compare different environments here

(MPC = most probable class)

Barber shopIII
MITI (duh!)

I want to join MIT someday isA :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Microsoft Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications

Though MS have similar things since 2000's, but I just found about it today.
Wikipedia is quite more informative

For Linux guys, that means MS supports CC and X11, GDB, ls, kill, grep, awk, and the list goes on and on. As I understood from wikipedia, it comes with more than 350 such utilities.

CC is a wrapper around VC++. X11 doesn't come with a working X server so you'd use an open one like Cygwin/X.

To avoid confusing the reader, it's originally an implementation of the POSIX specifications (Portable Operating System Interface, an IEEE standard). I don't know why they took it from a defensive point of view and claimed it is only there to support UNIX apps..

UNIX apps can be source-ported, but not binary-ported. That means you have to recompile them on Windows to work there.

There were such a POSIX-compatibility implementation on Windows that I've heard of and used extensively (like Cygwin), but this is the first time for me to know that MS have "paid" developers to work on that :D :D

Wikipedia says that for Vista it only comes with Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

top 5 items in a TODO list...

5- improve X

4- implement Y

3- comment the code

2- clean the code

1- testing n' debugging

So basically the software have not been tested, is lacking functions, and the implemented functions are not complete nor good, the code isn't commented and isn't even clean...

PS: inspired from the TODO list here

Virtualbox seamless mode (screenshot)

now that's CUTE

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(a quote on google chrome)

Quoting from

Chrome alone will not be a major moneymaker for Google, according to the executives, but if Chrome can improve the user experience, that will encourage more Internet use and ultimately create more revenue for Google, they said.
So Google's main problem is to increase Internet use... Google then sees "Internet = Google"...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


انا محتار
وانتا بتبدأ حياتك بعد التخرج بتلاقي اختيارات كتير اوي خصوصاً في مجالنا
يعني مثلا اشتغل ده ولا ده
اشتغل اللي بحبة واتبهدل ولا اشتغل اللي مبحهوش واستقر ؟
طب انا بحب ايه اصلا ؟
وهل لو اشتغلت اللي بحبه حفضل احبه كمان كام سنة ؟
طب هو اني اشتغل اللي انا بحبه يسوى البهدلة ؟
قصدي هل حاجي كمان عشرة خمستاشر سنة واندم على اختياري ؟
لو اخيتاري للشغل اللي انا بحبه يعني اني اضيع سنين الله أعلم كام من عمري في الدراسة في دولة غريبة مع ناس غريبة وفي الاخر محوكنش كونت نفسي او استقريت ؟
طب ولو ضحيت بالسنين دي بعدها حفرق حاجة عن اللي قعد هنا واشتغل هنا واترستق ؟
يا ترى بعيد عن الجزئية دي هو غلط اني محاولش ابني مهاراتي التجارية والادارية -البحتة؟ مش قصدي ادارة انك تدير فريق قصدي ادارة انك تكون رجل اعمال ملكش دعوة بالتقنية
مرة سمعت مقولة انك المفروض تحاسب من احلامك عشان ممكن تتحقق.. هل انا فعلا خايف من اللي انا عاوزه ؟
ممكن نحاول نعمل حسبة بسيطه اعترف اني اول مرة احسبها وانا بكتب هذه السطور
لو قلنا مثلا سنتين ماجستير على تلات اربع سنين دكتوراه كده مثلا بقيت تلاتين سنة !!ـ
طب بعد مخلص الدكتوراه حيبقي شغلي عامل ازاي وفين ومستوايا عامل ازاي . الأكيد اني احتمال كبير مش حكون استقريت ولسه حدور على شغل بعد كده في مكان تاني والله اعلم طبعاً بس انا مش متخيل اني اكمل شغل في نقس الحاجة اللي كنت شغال فيها قبل الدكتوراة مثلاً
افرض اني بدأت شغل -على اساس اني استقر- بعد ما بقيت ٣٠ سنة ... عشان اكون نفسي حياخد مني وقت قد ايه ؟ قول خمس ست سنين ادي ٣٦ سنه.. ـ
في المقابل ان الناس اللي مش حيسلك نفس طريقي وحيكمل هنا في حاجة غالبا مش بيحبها وكمان حيبعد عن التقنية كلها في خلال ١٠ سنين على الاكتر حيكون وصل المرحلة دي وهو على ٢٧ ولو من غير جيش يبقى على ٢٦.. فرق ١٠ سنين...ـ
طب ليه اعمل في نفسي كده ؟
والله الحاجة الوحيدة اللى بحاول اقنع بيها نفسي ان بعد كل ده حيكون فاضل ٢٥ سنة لحد المعاش هو حيكون مش طايق الشغل وانا حكون رايح الشغل وانا مبسوط -غالباً يعني..!!ـ
ده غير ان انا حكون بعمل حاجة ليها عائد نفسي اني بفيد العلم بحاجة لكن هو بيعمل اللي العميل بيقوله عليه وخلاص والعميل طبعاً على حق !ـ
وبرضة المفروض ان شاء الله ان اللي معايا في الشغل ناس بتفكر ناس بتفهم ناس عاوزة تعمل حاجة، لكن اللي معاه في الشغل ناس حفظت الدوت نت فريم وورك وبيسمعوه في الكود وخلاص عشان ياخدوا قرشين ويروحوا -لا اهانة للناس دي ولا للدوت نت فريم وورك-ـ
هو صحيح مش كل الشغل حيبقى على مزاجي لكن على الاقل الجزء اللي مش على مزاجي برضة في تفكير
السؤال بقى هل في اثار جانبية هل في حاجات معملتش حسابها ؟ هل ده فعلاً اللي حيحصل ؟ والله اعلم طبعاً
على المدى القصير انا عارف اني مش حستحمل الديفلوبمنت العادية... ححس انها تضييع لوقتي حيث ان انا عارف انا ممكن اضيع وقتي في حاجات احسن !ـ
وبما ان انا جربت الداتا انتري فانا عارف احساسي حيبقى عامل ازاي...!!!!ـ
وعلى المدى القصير برضه، الشغل اللي انا بحبه رغم انه بالنسبة لي لذيذ وتفكير وكده بس فحت فحت فحت خصوصاً في البداية الكام سنة الاولنيين.ـ
قرار صعب اوي
خصوصا انه غير قابل للرجعة فيه الا بخسائر كبيرة - من ناحية السنين-ـ
يعني لو خدت قرار وبدأت فيه لازم اكمل فيه...ـ
في كمان اعتبارات تانية
الناحية الاجتماعية لما ارجع بعد ١٠ سنين مثلاً ان شاء الله حيكون اللي هاجر هاجر واللي نسي نسي واللي اتغير اتغير وخصوصا ان انا برضة مليش حد اوي هنا
حتكون حاجة صعبة اول عليا
خصوصا اني حكون لسة راجع من غربة ووحدة فظيعة
مش عارف
انا قلت كل اللي في قلبي
لعل وعسى حد يقرا الكلام دي ويلاحظ حاجة انا مكنتش واخد بالي منها او يديني نصيحة او يفكر معايا
انا بس مش عاوز العمر يعدي وتفوتني فرصة اني اكون عملت حاجة انا مش عاوز اقضي حياتي اروح شغل اخد فلوس اروح البيت مخنوق، انا عاوزها اكتر تكون اني رايح الشغل كانه هواية حاجة انا فعلا عاوز اعملها، اعمل حاجة مفيدة للعلم والمجتمع، اخد فلوس برضه بس مش حروح مخنوق
انا دايماً بفكر في حتة العمر دي لما الاقي حد طلع معاش
او اشوف حد كبير
اقول طب ده جه وراح وفي الاخر مزودش حاجة
يبقى لازمته ايه ؟
انا نظرتي للانسان انه وظيفتة في الحياة مش انه يشتغل ويجيب فلوس وسلامو عليكو
لا الانسان في نظري موجود عشان لكل جيل جديد الدنيا تبقى احسن مش بس ماديا لكن نفسيا، الناس تحترم بعض اكتر مثلا
لو فكرنا فيها انه مثلا الانسان ده زي النمل
في صخرة كبييييرة
كل نملة تيجي تدي زقة وتمشي
بعد اجيال كتييير حتلافي الصخرة اتحركت والنمل عرف يطلع
لكن تلاقة نملة مستفزة راكنة على الصخرة بتشرب سيجارة بكل برود ويعد كدة تمشي
اهه هي دي نظرتي للانسان اللي جه وراح ومزودش حاجة
ممكن واحد يكون زود حاجة طول مهو عايش لكن اول ما راح الحاجة دي خلصت مثلا مصنع والمصنع ده قفل عشان محدش عرف يشغله صح عشان هو معلمش حد ازاي يستعلمه او يحسنة او يضيف ليه
ده برضه زيه زي اللي معملش حاجة
الانسان عشان يكون عمل حاجة يبقى لازم يكون اضاف للي حواليه حاجة يستفيدوا بيها من بعدة او من غيره.. علم، احترام الاخرين،
طريقة تفكير
من الاخر يعني
عرف يدي زقة للبشرية والصخرة اتحركت فعلا
التاني ده عامل زي ما يكون رفع الصخرة سنّة وقامت راجعة تاني اول ما سابها
انا حاسس اني طولت عليكوا
وفعلا دي اطول بوست ليا بالعربي بس اول مرة اتكلم من القلب كده على البلوج
وعموماً احب اشكر القارئ انه كتر خيرة صبر عليا وكمل معايا لحد هنا
مش عارف اقفل البوست ازاي بصراحة
خلاص البوست خلصت.......ـ

Friday, June 20, 2008

ArabOS svn-revision 50 commit message

Read it or not. If you are interested check

* Renamed cpptest.h and cpptest.cpp to cpp.h and cppmain.cpp respectively.
* Renamed cppmain() to enter_cpp() and its duty now to provide a wrapper for the real cppmain(). It just wraps it with call_ctors() and __cxa_finalize().
* Added copyright notice to cppmain.cpp.
* Made the iso image path in bochsrc relative.
* Removed parallel port support from bochsrc because it caused a nag screen to show in bochs.
* page_table_entry is now unsigned long instead of long.
* Added printk() logging to control how many messages appear on the screen. That required moving the real impl of printf into print0 and now printf is just a wrapper around print0. That was needed to support transitive variable-length-arugments passing between several functions (printk should have wrap printf, no way to do it without supporting that).
* Converted most usages of printf() to printk() with respective log level.
* Fixed some signed/unsiged comparison compiler warning messages.
* Commented SHOW_STAT_FAILED calls.
* Cleaned cpp_rt_support.c a bit. Added some useful comments about the __cxa_XXX functions. And repositions some comments to be put in more relavent places.
* Renamed some stuff in the cpp_rt_support.c file, to confrom to the newly read Itanuim C++ ABI :).
* The make clean command now deletes *.o and *.d in seperate commands because, if no *.o is present, no *.d would have been deleted ! That's because rm would produce an error that no *.o is present and ignore deleting *.d !
* Made the path relative in run.c (build environment change).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rapid compiler development !

I ran today into a project called GNU Lightning. It's an assembly language generator that can generate for many CPUs and platforms.
Combining that with Lex/Yacc (lexer and parse generators) or flex/bison (free alternatives) all you have to do is concentrate on developing your syntax and translating your semantics to GNU Lightning format.

Tana7a is ...

Tana7a is when your task has to be done on windows and you do it on Linux
When your task is a Control Panel Applet and you develop the code on Linux
When you run the task you don't run on on real Windows (although you have one), but you run it on Qemu (virtual machine) with virtualized Windows...
If ReactOS was reliable, I would have used it instead too :D :D
Tena7a ba2a :D :D

Update: And when development on Linux fails cuz of the obstacles intentionally put for that, then you install VC++ Express/Platform SDK/ (and JDK too) ON THE VIRTUAL MACHINE and develop on the virtual machine ...

Friday, June 6, 2008

First screenshots of meemory RDBMS v0.0.1

Implemented features:
  • Selection and projection.
  • A robust memory management module to report memory leaks.
  • Simple parsing of SQL statements.
Unimplemented features:
  • Saving to persistent storage.
  • Parsing standard SQL (92, 99, 2003)
  • Indexing, joins.
  • Rest of SQL features.
Project URL , developers are welcome.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

تضارب مستفز في رفع تعريفة تاكسي العاصمة

محافظ القاهرة: زيادة تعريفة تاكسى العاصمة إلى قرشا عن كل كيلومتر

الخبر بيقول انه تقرر رفع تعريفة تاكسي العاصمة من 110 للكيلو الى 125 و ذلك لمواجهة ارتفاع اسعار البنزين. و في نفس الخبر, فيما لا يزيد عن عدة سطور يشكر المقال في مشروع تاكسي العاصمة لمحافظته على البيئة و ذلك لأنه يستعمل الغاز الطبيعي.. بجد حاجة تنرفز!!
واضح ان متخذ القرار برضه شايف ان كده مش كفاية حيث انه بمناسبة هذه الزيادة المباركة فتم أيضا رفع تعريفة الأنتظار ل 10 جنيه في الساعة بدلا من 5... مع أنه المفروض أن الأنتظار لا يستهلك أي نوع من أنواع الوقود!!
و أخيرا يقول أنه سيتم تبديل سيارات التاكسي الأبيض في أسود المتهالكة بسيارات صفراء تابعة لمشروع تاكسي العاصمة و أنه سيترك الخيار للسائق أن يعمل مستقلأ!! عمله مستقلاً في حد ذاته ليس فقط هدم محتوم لسمعة تاكسي العاصمة (اللي هيا مش حلوة أصلا, حاحكيلكوا الحكاية ديه بعدين) و لكن أيضا دمار شامل للتاكسي الأبيض فأسود, طب ماهو كده كل التكوسه دول حيولوا أصفر مستقل و حيقوشوا الدور كله!

Friday, May 23, 2008

On Error Resume Next --- No Tech, Just Politics...

For those who didn't use VB 6.0 the statement 'On Error Resume Next' means to ignore exceptions and just go on executing the next statement!!! I think the programmers who are reading will agree this is unbelievable bad thing. It means you will not know that things are going wrong, and will just be surprised when the program behaves incorrectly, and will keep wondering why!

This is what is going on with this country. When the education system ignores that students do not really understand anything from what they are supposed to learn and lets them graduate ignoring that fact, it has to deal with lots of future problems and consequences and will keep wondering why.

Why the production in our country is low-quality? why people are sitting in the cafes having no job? why the entire population have low confidence in our ability to do anything compared to the 'foreigner' (عقدة الخواجة)? why we have regular job 'repetitive jobs' not creative jobs? why Egyptian scientists are leaving the country? ... Why our education system is such a loser? why the educators are almost ignorant (they graduate from the same loser education system)?

It's all because we are letting the incompetents graduate from college. Not talking about engineering and medical school issue. It's all because even the good professors face pressure to make a certain percentage pass a certain course even if they are incompetent. Why? because if a huge percentage is failing, that means there is a problem with the professor. While more deep investigation will show that the problem is the entire education these kids have been through up to that point. And sure that won't please the people in middle-tier management (not the top head, nor the employees).

I mean the people in strong places but not absolute safety! It means they will be fired, face the community, etc etc. كبش فداء من الأخر. They are not punished for causing that, but they are punished they didn't hide it well. Although the entire population knows about it :D strange way of thinking; I keep wondering who are they fooling?? The entire three tiers know about the stupid education system (top head, middle-tier, and citizens).

It's like being bad students. They didn't study, and instead of facing the monthly exam to know how bad they are and study, they are just playing and having fun till the final!! With the exception is that the final isn't theirs. i.e. they are not the ones who are failing, it's the entire country!!!!

How could such thing be resolved? I keep thinking and I can't find an answer...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Post #100 ! (Reserved)

This is the 100th post in my blog. I think it should be special, and that I should have something special to write in it. I don't like that obligation, and I certainly won't stop writing until I find something special to write. So here I write this post, just to reserve the number, and I when I have something special I will come and write it here isA (if any special thing occurred before the 200th post anyway!)
So, see you later in Post# 101.