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Friday, May 23, 2008

On Error Resume Next --- No Tech, Just Politics...

For those who didn't use VB 6.0 the statement 'On Error Resume Next' means to ignore exceptions and just go on executing the next statement!!! I think the programmers who are reading will agree this is unbelievable bad thing. It means you will not know that things are going wrong, and will just be surprised when the program behaves incorrectly, and will keep wondering why!

This is what is going on with this country. When the education system ignores that students do not really understand anything from what they are supposed to learn and lets them graduate ignoring that fact, it has to deal with lots of future problems and consequences and will keep wondering why.

Why the production in our country is low-quality? why people are sitting in the cafes having no job? why the entire population have low confidence in our ability to do anything compared to the 'foreigner' (عقدة الخواجة)? why we have regular job 'repetitive jobs' not creative jobs? why Egyptian scientists are leaving the country? ... Why our education system is such a loser? why the educators are almost ignorant (they graduate from the same loser education system)?

It's all because we are letting the incompetents graduate from college. Not talking about engineering and medical school issue. It's all because even the good professors face pressure to make a certain percentage pass a certain course even if they are incompetent. Why? because if a huge percentage is failing, that means there is a problem with the professor. While more deep investigation will show that the problem is the entire education these kids have been through up to that point. And sure that won't please the people in middle-tier management (not the top head, nor the employees).

I mean the people in strong places but not absolute safety! It means they will be fired, face the community, etc etc. كبش فداء من الأخر. They are not punished for causing that, but they are punished they didn't hide it well. Although the entire population knows about it :D strange way of thinking; I keep wondering who are they fooling?? The entire three tiers know about the stupid education system (top head, middle-tier, and citizens).

It's like being bad students. They didn't study, and instead of facing the monthly exam to know how bad they are and study, they are just playing and having fun till the final!! With the exception is that the final isn't theirs. i.e. they are not the ones who are failing, it's the entire country!!!!

How could such thing be resolved? I keep thinking and I can't find an answer...

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