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Monday, March 17, 2008

Post #100 ! (Reserved)

This is the 100th post in my blog. I think it should be special, and that I should have something special to write in it. I don't like that obligation, and I certainly won't stop writing until I find something special to write. So here I write this post, just to reserve the number, and I when I have something special I will come and write it here isA (if any special thing occurred before the 200th post anyway!)
So, see you later in Post# 101.

1 comment:

MeshMesh said...

Mabrooook :)

I've moved past the 100 posts btw :P :P

Nevertheless, it's not the number of posts that count but the value within each post :)

Btw , I saw this post men zamaaan ...but am replying now when I'm competitive enough "number wise" :D