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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

When Math is Misused - Image Processing

In this article, I am complaining about a odd image processing book that takes 2 pages written in math to explain what could be said in 3 or 4 sentences!

I was reading in our Image processing book, about histogram matching. It took me 2 hours to understand it! I'll give you an example of what I am talking about:

To do something, we have an array, and we have a value. We want to know at which index does this value exist. This is what it means overall. In other words, inversing a function by looking up the set of its outputs. I am wondering why wasn't it said that way, even if as a conclusion or summary.

What he wrote was... see it for yourself:

Friday, March 16, 2007

Slitting Linux

Six months ago, when I installed Linux, I let it be on a 20 GB partition. Now I discovered that it is not enough. Of course I could have used another partition (FAT) to store the data, but this wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a big partition to store data, programs and settings.

I thought about moving the /home directory to another partition, so I ran mkfs.ext3 on an empty 50 GB partition to convert it from FAT to ext3. Then I mounted it to /media/newp. After that I ran cp -a /home/* /media/newp. Then I ran mv /home /home-old. Then I ran umount /media/newp to unmount the 50 GB partition so I can remount it to /home. Done!

In short I just moved the data to the new ext3 partition then told Linux to find the /home folder there. No restarts involved! :D

Thursday, March 15, 2007

FCI-H Result Checker Shell Script

This script will inform you in case the result of year 4, CS did appear by playing an mp3 file (it can be of other several types, like wav etc.). Put it in shell script file and run it from the shell. Enjoy.

while true
if [ -z $(wget -qO - | grep -i 'x1') ]
echo 'no' $(date +%H:%M:%S);
sleep 10s
echo 'yes'
play /your/sound/file.mp3 &
sleep 60m

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tagged: Five things you don't know about me!

Ramy Mahrous have tagged me here.
Here is my five things:
1- I love comedy. The only thing I'd love to watch on TV is comedy series or comedy movies.
1.1- I also like serious SciFi movies, not childish, or rotten (ro3b ma3awy) ones.
1.2- I also like reading for Arabic sarcastic writers: Youssef Ma3aty and Es3ad Younis.
1.3- I love to read Rwayat Masrya lel geeb, for Nabil Farouk and Ahmed Khalid Tawfik.
1.4- I am not into games that much. My toy is 3D modeling and rendering.
2- I hate repeated types of programming! I only like programming types which I didn't do before. For example, if I did DirectX programming someday, then I hate to program DX. If I have never programmed using OpenGL, then I'd be interested in doing it. Same for other examples.
2.1- If I am not in the mood, I'd really hate reading technical articles. I only get in the suitable mood when I have enough sleep (12 hours), hence I learn more in summer because I sleep enough. I really love sleeeeeeping...
2.2- If I have tough problem in a program, the first solution is to sleep, it gets easily fixed when I wake up!
3- I don't want to work as a programmer (see number 2). My dream is to work in theoretical scientific research, as opposed to the applied one.
4- I originally wanted Abstract Math section of the Science faculty, instead of FCI. Or the Optics section of that faculty.
5- I don't want to live in Egypt except if I found real good education for my kids isA.

I like to tag Omar el Hussanein, Islam Ossama, and FCI-H Technical Blog Team :P (howa keda :P).