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Friday, June 20, 2008

ArabOS svn-revision 50 commit message

Read it or not. If you are interested check

* Renamed cpptest.h and cpptest.cpp to cpp.h and cppmain.cpp respectively.
* Renamed cppmain() to enter_cpp() and its duty now to provide a wrapper for the real cppmain(). It just wraps it with call_ctors() and __cxa_finalize().
* Added copyright notice to cppmain.cpp.
* Made the iso image path in bochsrc relative.
* Removed parallel port support from bochsrc because it caused a nag screen to show in bochs.
* page_table_entry is now unsigned long instead of long.
* Added printk() logging to control how many messages appear on the screen. That required moving the real impl of printf into print0 and now printf is just a wrapper around print0. That was needed to support transitive variable-length-arugments passing between several functions (printk should have wrap printf, no way to do it without supporting that).
* Converted most usages of printf() to printk() with respective log level.
* Fixed some signed/unsiged comparison compiler warning messages.
* Commented SHOW_STAT_FAILED calls.
* Cleaned cpp_rt_support.c a bit. Added some useful comments about the __cxa_XXX functions. And repositions some comments to be put in more relavent places.
* Renamed some stuff in the cpp_rt_support.c file, to confrom to the newly read Itanuim C++ ABI :).
* The make clean command now deletes *.o and *.d in seperate commands because, if no *.o is present, no *.d would have been deleted ! That's because rm would produce an error that no *.o is present and ignore deleting *.d !
* Made the path relative in run.c (build environment change).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rapid compiler development !

I ran today into a project called GNU Lightning. It's an assembly language generator that can generate for many CPUs and platforms.
Combining that with Lex/Yacc (lexer and parse generators) or flex/bison (free alternatives) all you have to do is concentrate on developing your syntax and translating your semantics to GNU Lightning format.

Tana7a is ...

Tana7a is when your task has to be done on windows and you do it on Linux
When your task is a Control Panel Applet and you develop the code on Linux
When you run the task you don't run on on real Windows (although you have one), but you run it on Qemu (virtual machine) with virtualized Windows...
If ReactOS was reliable, I would have used it instead too :D :D
Tena7a ba2a :D :D

Update: And when development on Linux fails cuz of the obstacles intentionally put for that, then you install VC++ Express/Platform SDK/ (and JDK too) ON THE VIRTUAL MACHINE and develop on the virtual machine ...

Friday, June 6, 2008

First screenshots of meemory RDBMS v0.0.1

Implemented features:
  • Selection and projection.
  • A robust memory management module to report memory leaks.
  • Simple parsing of SQL statements.
Unimplemented features:
  • Saving to persistent storage.
  • Parsing standard SQL (92, 99, 2003)
  • Indexing, joins.
  • Rest of SQL features.
Project URL , developers are welcome.