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Saturday, May 19, 2007

A piece of code

Well, the title says it :D. I was bored so I did this image from a screen shot of the memory management module in ArOS. El mafrood en dah granite :D and don't ask elly gab 3aleeh code :D. I imagine it like a piece of paper that got wet and the ink was flushed. I've seen a similar black and white effect in "The code, Linux" documentary (which I am searching for the original English version, because the one I have is in Finnish)


Islam Ossama said...

"The Code: Linux" in English on Google Videos
(Link via Wikipedia's page)

Btw, speaking of ArOS, does it have a SourceForge project? I'm curious, cuz I would like to maybe check-out the code one day and take a look at how far it has come ;-). (Just plz use an SVN repository not CVS, cuz offers both)

Mohammad Nabil said...

Wow, it is in English :D I've been seeking that for a whole year :D! I've downloaded several versions via eMule, but I never thought I could simply find it in Google Video :D Really, Thank You Man :D

I didn't continue in creating a SourceForge account because it's moderated and an account must be approved before being active. The problem was that they require too much information that available now, like what's makes it different than others of its kind, and stuff like that that is just isn't pretty much defined at the moment.

Anyway when I create one I isA sure will publish the link to everyone - SVN it is isA, SVN's great :D.

But for now, check your mail ;) - you may try the attached "live CD" :D.