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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Latex for blogger

If you need to type mathematics, Latex will help you (pronounced Latek, source: Wikipedia).
The formula shown above is written in Latex as:

$$\pi = \int_{0}^{1} \frac{4}{1+x^{2}}$$

Compiled on the fly using the link "" concatenated with the formula in Latex.

The professional tool for writing scientific documents: LaTeX NOT Microsoft Word. By Waleed Youssef Ph.D (FCI Helwan)
A reference to Latex here.


MeshMesh said...

Wooow ...its Dr.Walid who teaches preliminary at our faculty who came up with this application :D

We had geniuses, have geniuses and will have geniuses(better say had , have and will have geniuses for simplization :P) graduating from our faculty ...Its something to be proud of

Rabena yewfa2na kolena lel kheer we yes3edna fel denia wel akhera ..Ameen

Mohammad Nabil said...

No it's not Dr.Walid who came up with it, he just made a presentation about it.

Ramy Mahrous said...

I don't know why when others find a new tool for something they go and underestimate MS tools, anyway that's mean MS tool is the best and other try to challenge it, i.e Office is greater than Open Office because when someone talked about a tool for documenting he mention MS Word
Another thing you can integrate with MS scientific tool to get both features and I think MS office 2007 has a lot of features that other tools haven't

Mohammad Nabil said...

You really didn't read the slides PDF by Dr/Waleed :D

Mohammad Nabil said...

It's not about feelings, the Dr after writing half of his PhD he throw it away and restarted with Latex because of the problems he met with MS Word, for further details see the PDF by Dr Waleed.

Mohammad Nabil said...

That is from a guy who tried both, I don't know what it is with you Microsofter's who always ( or most of the time ) say MS products are better w/out even without trying the other product, in courts they must hear both opinions and see for them selves and hear witnesses. You are being unfair by giving a judgment before trying the other product ( la ya3lam el 3'ayb ella Allah, so you akeed don't know how the other product will look like and be used like until u try it ).
Let's try to be objective here, not subjective.

sh@dy said...

I totally agree with u Nabil...probably u didn't even read the ppt Ramy (not to mention using LaTeX)...

1. Dr. Waled is not that open software freak guy...He even bought a text editor for LaTeX..instead of searching for an open source one (like poor-ppl - ie. I - did )

2. If u read the ppt..he's talking about publishing papers, books..etc...l ragel de sho3'leto mel a5er ya3ny :D...

[just for the note Nabil..actually it's supposed to be pronounced as Latekh or late5 (the way we pronounce 5 in franco)]

Mohammad Nabil said...

I used latex to write some paper about the GP, it is really awesome ( typing in a plain text editor, but still fun ).

1- There is a cool one called TexMaker, on Linux. It's the one I used ( no wysiwyg ). It good there is ppl who buy SW for personal use, I know only 2 of them, including Dr. Waleed :D.

[Yeah, I searched further and it is so, wikipedia say it explicity "خ", --> Latex -> ﻻتخ !, sound strange anyway. ]