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Saturday, May 5, 2007


Hossam Sadik has tagged me !

List five things you learnt in FCI –not Technical :D-??
- lazem ya3ny mesh technical :S -
* et3alamt en el 7aya bet3addy besor3a
* we en al 7aya a2sar men en e7na na2adeeha fe za3l we 7'na2at
* we en ana 3ashan asa3d nafsy, lazm asa3ed elly 7awalya
* we en al 7aya gad wel le3b we 3ashan tel3ab lazm teb2a gad fe wa2t el gad
* we aham 7aga at3alamtaha ma3na el sadaka el 7a2ee2aya

Five things you will miss in FCI?
* starting my day seeing the smiles on my friends faces :)
* ra7alatna, 7'asatan fel autobus
* the chance to make anyone fe dof3ty ( wel kolya kollaha ) happy
* el esboo3 el thakafy :D
* Student Union ( futex group ) work and meetings ( for student union, or mozakra :D )

Best day in FCI Helwan?
- el fetarat el gama3ya fe ramadan, el esboo3 el thakafy, yoom el match :D, a7'er yoom fel emt7anat ( cuz i see my friends happy then :) )

Worst day?
- lemma ala2y el dof3a za3lana men zolm doctor aw men ay 7aga tanya

Best week?
- bardo el esboo3 el thakafy :D

Best doctor, course, book, project?
- Dr El gar7y, statistics, C++ the complete reference, GP :D

Worst doctor, course, book, project?
- ( there is much worse doctors anyway ), SW2 , advanced OS, dsp

Best instructor?
- most of them are good, but i want to highlight some instructors who have affected my life deeply and guided me in my learning journey : Mr Ayman Ezzat, Miss Mai Hamdallah, Mrs Marwa, Mr Amr Ghoniem, Mr Ehab elGindy, Mr Mo3taz

Best situation?
- see the video to know

Did you meet your sweet-half in FCI?
- not yet

Did you regret for knowing someone in FCI?
i don't regret anything, if it was bad experience then i learn from it.

What was your favorite place in the faculty?
- with my friends :D wherever that is

What is the size of our digital photos on your hard disk?
- about 1 GB, someday i'll take the full collection from ramy isA :D

What will you do in the last day?
- i will stay to the end and leave as the last person isA

What would you like to say to dof3tnaa?
- 7'odo balko men ba3d :D

What would you like to say to other grades -aldof3at altanya- ??
- antom el sabkon we na7no alla7kon, ... er ... el 3aks ma3lesh :D

i'd like to tag Shereef Sakr, Youssef Mamdouh, and Ahmad Mubarak,
Mohammad Reda, and Kareem Zakaria


khaled adel said...

على فكرة انا كتبت قبلك
ومينفعش تاخد نفس الناس تعملهم
سؤال بس معلش
هو حسام بيقول ان في حكم على اللي ميكتبش, ايه بقى الحكم ده ؟

Mohammad Nabil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohammad Nabil said...

katabt ably katabt ba3dy, ana a3ml tag lelly ana 3awzo, 3aref leh ?
3ashan .. walla balash :D

el 7okm :D es2al ramy :D

Ahmed Essawy said...

لا مش انت اخر واحد .
انا الي حكون اخر واحد
:P .
و لو لرضيتش حنعمل فيك الحكم .

Mohammad Nabil said...

gara eh :D howwa sketnaloh da7'al be7maro :D
lola bass en enta sa3ban 3alaya kan zamany wareetak el 3een el 7amra :D
2al howa 7aymshy a7'r wa7d 2al :D

Ramy Mahrous said...

fih comment delete akid konto bt2lo adbko 3la b3d :D
Khaled dah bybltg 3lik :D
wy aih as2l ramy dih :D ana mya mya :D wy 3mlt tag as2l Youssef :D
wy aih el video ely bt2ol 3lih dah in your best situation

Ramy Mahrous said...

*deleted :D:D:D:D

Kareem Zakaria said...

Thanks Nabil 3al tag, bas saba2ok il bashar :)

wi ba3deen illi hay5osh il gesh il mafrood may5afsh min ai comment wi yi3millo delete sami3 ya m3alim? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Sarra Safuat said...

Dear All :

this is me .. Sarra in a faculty of computer and information cairo univirsity would like to share and it would be from my pleasure to know about you

Mohammad Nabil Al-Aggan said...

Thanks Sarra, you are very welcome anytime.