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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tagged: Five things you don't know about me!

Ramy Mahrous have tagged me here.
Here is my five things:
1- I love comedy. The only thing I'd love to watch on TV is comedy series or comedy movies.
1.1- I also like serious SciFi movies, not childish, or rotten (ro3b ma3awy) ones.
1.2- I also like reading for Arabic sarcastic writers: Youssef Ma3aty and Es3ad Younis.
1.3- I love to read Rwayat Masrya lel geeb, for Nabil Farouk and Ahmed Khalid Tawfik.
1.4- I am not into games that much. My toy is 3D modeling and rendering.
2- I hate repeated types of programming! I only like programming types which I didn't do before. For example, if I did DirectX programming someday, then I hate to program DX. If I have never programmed using OpenGL, then I'd be interested in doing it. Same for other examples.
2.1- If I am not in the mood, I'd really hate reading technical articles. I only get in the suitable mood when I have enough sleep (12 hours), hence I learn more in summer because I sleep enough. I really love sleeeeeeping...
2.2- If I have tough problem in a program, the first solution is to sleep, it gets easily fixed when I wake up!
3- I don't want to work as a programmer (see number 2). My dream is to work in theoretical scientific research, as opposed to the applied one.
4- I originally wanted Abstract Math section of the Science faculty, instead of FCI. Or the Optics section of that faculty.
5- I don't want to live in Egypt except if I found real good education for my kids isA.

I like to tag Omar el Hussanein, Islam Ossama, and FCI-H Technical Blog Team :P (howa keda :P).


Omar Al-Hassanin said...

12 hours of sleep to feel fresh, you must be a real Phyllophaga or a sloth.
Yet, u r a good man to feel that about programming and living in Egypt that proves u r, not a programmer,a human being.

Mohammad Nabil said...

being a programmer implies not being a human being walla eh :D

Magdy Wageeh said...

"Family Guy".;)

just 12 hours :((, I am still have the biggest record, I wanna lose.

I am absolutely with you in this point.

Ramy Mahrous said...

SELECT BloggerName FROM FCIHBlog WHERE BloggerHasDid = 0

3lshan bs el redundancy :D :D :D