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Friday, March 16, 2007

Slitting Linux

Six months ago, when I installed Linux, I let it be on a 20 GB partition. Now I discovered that it is not enough. Of course I could have used another partition (FAT) to store the data, but this wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a big partition to store data, programs and settings.

I thought about moving the /home directory to another partition, so I ran mkfs.ext3 on an empty 50 GB partition to convert it from FAT to ext3. Then I mounted it to /media/newp. After that I ran cp -a /home/* /media/newp. Then I ran mv /home /home-old. Then I ran umount /media/newp to unmount the 50 GB partition so I can remount it to /home. Done!

In short I just moved the data to the new ext3 partition then told Linux to find the /home folder there. No restarts involved! :D

1 comment:

Ahmed Essawy said...

50 Giga partition :) .
Rabena yzedak , ana m3mltash keda 7da fe al Windows :D .