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Friday, January 5, 2007

Xgl/beryl On Ubuntu - some screenshots

They are all on my machine, not from the internet.


Ramy Mahrous said...

really, cool GUI :)

Ahmed Essawy said...

ما شاء الله .
يا عم متوريش الناس كده لحسن حد يحسد جهازك .
جامده جدا
انا مش حعمل جهازي كده
لاني لو عملتو كده اخويا الصغير حيقعد يلعب علي الجهاز
و يفتكر ان دي لعبه

Tarek said...

Can you please write the steps of installing XGL on Ubuntu
Btw, did you use Edgy or what?

Mohammad Nabil said...

Yep, I am using Ubuntu Edgy.
I followed some steps from here:
The point is not in installing Xgl, it would be installed with no problems. Xgl is just an XServer with no special effects. The idea is in the window manager. Xgl used Compiz before, but it is now not installable, because of some messed-up dependencies because there was a fork going out from it.
So, you'd have to use that forked project "Beryl" ( ). It doesn't have a stable release so you'd have to download the developers version. I can't remember if you can install it directly from apt-get/aptitude or not, but I think it's possible if you added the correct repostitories to the sources.list file.
1 thing you have to make before all that, make sure you have your VGA driver installed and configured to enable hardware acceleration.
After installing Xgl/beryl, you could run a normal session and from the xterm execute "$ beryl-manager"; or you could create your own session script to run beryl. Xgl can't run on a virtual machine because no virtual machines till now supports hardware graphics acceleration.