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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Linux XP ( joke )

(This "article" is a JOKE and has absolutely nothing to do with the real Linux XP distro. I have never used Linux XP myself and have absolutely no idea what that distro is like) , hey, just in case they sued me or something :D
This is a part of the text - see it for yourself :D:
Improved virus and worm support. The unfortunate fact is that there are many viruses for Windows but very few for Linux. Linux XP has a special support for Windows viruses, which means that Windows viruses can damage a Linux XP system just as much as they damage Windows! This makes users who migrate from Windows really feel like home. The new Outlook compatible mail client for Linux XP ensures the easiest and most efficient way of getting infected by new viruses and forwarding them to all of the user's friends. When a Linux XP system gets infected by a virus, a dialog box is displayed with a progress bar and the informative text "Please wait while your system is being damaged." At the same time some relaxing music is played in order to make sure the waiting is as pleasant as possible, since the process may take a while, depending on the virus.

Trojan Horse downloads. The Linux XP's website has huge software download archives, and the users can easily download many different Trojan horses to their system. And because every normal user on a Linux XP system has the same rights as the root user, our customers can be confident that the damages caused by Trojans are maximized on a Linux XP system, thus letting the users experience exciting moments.


Ahmed M. Farrag said...

Microsoft Winduxط.ظ.0001
To make the world leading OS Windows appealing to linux users, this edition was released.
All GUIs were removed and substituted by textual interfaces. A secretary user made an error and this was the error message: "Kernel is unable to calculate alpha, beta and gamma that corresponds to this version of... oh what the heck, access violation. period.".

Another user tried to access his NTFS: "Please open the kernel source code and add the following lines that read NTFS and recompile it then bundle it into the OS and restart."

Everything's difficulty was increased and all codecs was removed from Windows Media Player whose name now is Kindows Kedia Klayer.

A family that uses it:
mother: don't forget to flush the FS
son:yes mom..

KERNEL PANIC... continue later then :)

Mohammad Nabil said...

That's a funny comment :D
Btw, it is not access violation, it's segmentation fault :P
And btw, you don't need to edit the kernel , unlike windows, making a loadable kernel module ( aka "kernel-mode device drive" in windows terminology ) is far more easier, a lot easier, you don't even need a special DDK compiler. You can just get the LKM and load it in run-time and work with it, it will be auto unloaded when not needed...
With one line here, I installed the codecs to play every single type of media files you ever heard about, including wmv, rm, and mov ( you need 3 separate apps for that in windows ).
Flush the FS :D, I never needed or used it, but at least I know the function that does it : fsync; if you wanna flush your database file if you're making a DBMS. Do you even know the counter part on windows ?
Linux have never crashed on my machine, I never had to restart it..., on XP I've got about 5 blue screens, and the system get heavy if you left it working for a week or two ( not even speaking that I often have to reinstall it !! ). If the GUI crashes on windows, you have to restart. In linux you just open a new virtual terminal and start a new one, you can even have several virtual screens.

Ahmed M. Farrag said...

i see what ur doing here, u quit joking.. u're trying to start an argument.
not in my exams week :D besides i like linux :D

Mohammad Nabil said...

You like linux ? prove it :P, you said b4 you are microsoftawy windowsawy 7'asees :D

Mohammad Nabil said...

enta ma3ana walla ma3a el tanyeen walla ma3a el talteen :D ??? ( el talteen : Mac OS X :D )

Ahmed M. Farrag said...

ana bashagga3 elle3ba el7elwa :P :D
but linux is closer to my heart (at least at the moment).