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Monday, December 25, 2006

How to never lose ?

What's a loser ? And what's a winner ?
Traditional answer :
A loser is a person who lost something; a game, a compitition, someone etc. A winner is the one who won what a loser lost.
A loser looks down to himself in most cases, feels angry and thinks he must win in another time to have a value.
No one wants to be a loser.
But, look at it from another angle.
You lost, so you learned there is something you did that was wrong, then you learned a new thing, then you've won something that the other winner didn't win. Strange viewpoint, and I am almost sure it didn't convince you.
Ok, let's change the viewpoint even more. If you lost something, then you have less ways of losing it again! :D. Clarifying that, let's say that there is n ways you could lose a runnig race, you don't know all of them yet, so you aren't prepared for each one. So one of these ways have made you lose. The next time you know that way, so you are prepared for it, so you now have n-1 ways of losing ;). One after another, you'll eventually have zero ways of losing.
The inventor of the electrical light bulb, Thomas Addison, who performedthousands of experiments until achieving the desired result. "Who here has made that many attempts to succeed in something? Do we try more than two or three times before we give up?", "there is no such thing as 'I can't do it', there is 'I can't do it yet, and I have to keep trying'".

So personally I see each failure as a step towards success. Perhaps programming have tought me so, fixing an error after anothet till the compiler is shy from saying another error cuz keda 7aykoon beystahbel :D.
A real loser is the one who don't learn from his failures. And a real winner is the one who keeps learning till he reaches. A real loser is the person who stops trying. And a real winner is the person who never stops.
One last word, A real winner of winners, is the person who is not satisfied with the desired result after he achieves it and keeps trying to improve it further and further till he makes the best result in the history and possibly for several centuries to come. That is a real scientist mind.

So, people who read this post, if you have failed in something, don't get stuck at that and keep crying about it forever, get over it and just try another way. It is the same concept as lighting a little candle is better than damning the darkness thousand times. Don't be just optimistic, believe in your capability to do it and foresee the expected ways of failure to decrease the times you have to try.

A side note, there is a group (osra) in our college, that had failed many times, but personally, I never gave up on it; believing that as we keep trying we sure will reach isA. Even if we just reached experience of how to avoid such failures again, that would be enough. But what did I say above ? If you actually reached that, there is nothing called 'enough'.

keep in mind
ان الله لا يضيع أجر من أحسن عملا
و لا تنسوا التوكل على الله
و لا تنسوا حمد لله علي كل حاجه عشان اللي بيحيبوا ربنا هوا اللي فيه الخير بعد ما تكون طبعا عملت اللي عليك


Ahmed Essawy said...

I am totally with u in some cases ONLY , I think there are things have one trying :( [one and only one] this is the first reason .
The second reason in cases that have many trying as an exercises to the loser ,you should keep in mind that he and all of us have a limit capacity , power and energy … that will decrease with the time and if no success occur .

Tamer said...

yea, a loser is he 1 who never tries to improve. But to me, a winner is the 1 who tries avoiding loss before it happens, and if it happens, he figures out the reason for a loss and what ter losses could've occured.
Another thing like wut essawy's mentioned, some things are not to be tried again, like death, i wouldn't learn from my mistake and try again later ;) .. but, it's a good theory after all, just needs soe positivity in it ;), avoid losing before it happens, and if it does, learn from it.

Mohammad Nabil said...

One trial ? It doesn't make a difference, rewinning what you lost b4 is just bonus. I am talking so that you learn how not to lose in a similar situation, but not the same old goal.
Capacity, power, energy, might or might not decrease with time, it is not a rule, it is YOU who decide they decrease or not. Can you believe that some people's power and energy will decrease if they won :D ? they will just feel "I win why should I keep trying something else etc."
Personally, failure chellenges me and makes me double my effort. So if someone failure makes his effort decrease, that's his issue and should begin to solve it from now; remember it is NOT a rule.