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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Allocators' World Party!

In this link, an interesting assignment. In short, you should do you allocator. malloc/free is an allocator. You should do you own version. Say, my_malloc/my_free. The interesting part that in our faculty, we didn't hear about the word "allocator" in the first place, how about making one! Also notice how well-defined the requirements are. Correctness/Performance/Style has well-defined points per each. In our faculty, and I assume in most FCIs in Egypt, the requirements are according to the doctors mood, i.e. not well-defined, ambigious, or undefined at all. Also there is no clear point-per-requirement mapping, in best cases, it is clear only in the evaluator's head, i.e. students have no idea about them. Also there is no reserved points for bonus; like Performance. The style part has no attention at all. Baseline, get me one student in Egypt who can make that assignment and take at least half the points (success ratio). Also note that in such an assignment(project ?) there is support routines, a library, or a framework to help students do the part that matters, not donkey-work's parts, irrelavent parts, nor time-wasting parts, i.e. goal of such project is well-defined and should not be distracted. Also, the person who set the project have an idea how it can be made in the first place ;) which is not always the case here!
Can anyone who went to Egyptian FCI (not even a student) do this assignment ? I am sure there is but they will be very few, it is a shame that such an assingment is very popular in such courses and we didn't even hear the terminology!

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