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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Organizations Death and Life

This post is gonna be boring, I don't even know how to start it.
Anyway, it is about how organizations die, and how they keep living. It's gonna cover a small part of leadership aspects.
Well, you are a leader of an organization, you have a vision, you have a goal which you have created that organization for. You see that goals clearly, you know what should be carried out to achive it. You have got 'employees', although I wouldn't prefer that term for NGOs (non-govermenta organizations) and volunteer organizations but I don't know what they call them in those, maybe members?
Anyway, you have had circumstances and left that organization, there will be 2 scenarios. The first one, the organization falls, and the second one the organization keeps workin fine and maybe outcome your own expectations or visions. You as a leader did compare what's happening to your vision, and telling ppl what to do. After you leave, they won't be able to continue without your vision and directions. So you can not leave them and take your vision away with you. You can't just depend on yourself and no one else in thinking and giving orders. You have to make EVERY member see you vision exactly (or even better) like you see it. Actually, no member should have joined until he sees the vision and BELIEVE in it and live for it, this is the only way for your organization to stay up, from the smallest NGO to the government it self. This shall keep government employees from taking bribes or from dropping effecient ppl for 'wasta' or so. Because they care about the success and achivement of the goal that they see and believe in.
My words are not just for leaders, it is for 'employees' too, don't join an organization unless you know,believe, and live for its goal, or your will be a useless member and don't deserver your salary (if the organization gives salary). And for leaders, appreciate who beleives and makes the most good for the organization. Healty organizations for you ;).


Ahmad said...

I agree that vision has to be shared for success. But, sometimes, you may have to carry on on your own.
After I graduated, I was looking for a job for 2 things. No. 1 to fulfil my dream of being the best programmer I can be. No. 2 was, of course, money :)
However, during the interviews, I was told that one of the aims of the organisation was to prepare a new generation of professionals to lead the local/Arab market and reduce the dependency on foreigners. As an employee, I found that corporate goal very inspiring and started my new job feeling I was on a mission.
17 years later, I am still on that mission and I am preparing the next generation -- no longer pursuing a selfish dream of becoming the best programmer, or making money :-)

Mohammad Nabil said...

Thanks for your comment :), it is really insightfull.

Biersh said...

True , but you know that is kinda hard to do so, coz today manager is yeasteday gov employee, who still think in the one man show and doesn't apply alot of the modern sience of managements, like those who used to work in military , they blow it

goal should be made, target should be set, and ofcourse paths & routes should be well defined and regognized


Anonymous said...

It's true.. I think it's nice to know ur leader's vision or goal.. match ur goal with him.. and so he does with his leader.. and so on!.. thats how u really unit the whole company for one goal.. I beleive thats part of being a team.. But in the end, every one has his role.. and he only have to do his role!.. I shouldn't worry about my leader's responsibilities as long as I'm not his backup!.. concentrate on what u r doing.. but still match what u r doing with what ur leader needs!