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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Is this called a chat bot or it is more complex 1

The Arab OS now is at the phase where it is ready to integrate with a memory manager and a process manager. So since the memory manager phase are somohow separated from the previous bootstrap phase, I decided to have a break from the OS for now (it have been a month and a half, I think). I am some how considering a new name, since ArabOS is just a development name, I thought about ArOS, what do you think ?
Anyway, in the break I have been interested in a new field, Natural Language Understanding. After I have seen a Question Answering System (QAS) in the ESEA Job Fair. Not all NLP applications are NLU, in my perception. Anyway, I thought about an application that can learn by itself from the web, or from you, and you can ask it for information, and personal opinions, and exchange jokes, and you can give it orders, like open that media player, play that song, or if it is a robot, move that TV, etc. I don't think this is just a chatter bot. chatter bots techniques are somewhat hardcoded answers or behaviours for certain patterns. There is A.L.I.C.E chatter bot, which depends on a large XML database of hardcoded-templated answers which he chooses an answer at random (it seems good at low level of complexity in the input). There is also which depends on an SDK which maps behaviour to certain templates.
Anyway, a chatter bot is desgined for making coversations, it won't be able to summerize information on its own. But an information retrieval application can like Although that 'Start' can make very basic context tracking and a dialog answering skills, it is not in the same level as the previous too; it is not much of information retrieval system as it is of a QAS. Information retrieval (or information extraction), in my perception, is more complex than a QAS. It is the same difference between "get me info about cooperation between Masers and Lasers, and the relation between those and the hypersymmetry theory", and "how can Masers and Lasers cooperate?".
In the Artificial Intelligence, structures and strategies for complex problem solving, George F. Luger, chapter 13, "understanding natural languge"; it mentioned that SHRDLU block world's application have showed that a 100% knowledge of the world, can make natural language communication possible.

to be continued...

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