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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Seminar: The battle

I've been spending the last few nights planning what I will say in the seminar and how. But, unfortunately, it was aweful.

If I wasn't the worst ever then I'm lucky. I am not sad because it went that way, not at all, it is natural. But all that I am sad about is that I couldn't deliver the scientific material as I wished. I've had better plans and interactions than what actually happened.
I don't know what happened really, all I know is that once I was up there I started normally then after exactly 3 or 4 words I got a heart attack !! My heart beat accelerated, and I couldn't breath and hardly could say a word. But thank Allah I managed after a battle to start again. And when I got to some points where I planned to say extra information or interact, I just skipped, like I wanted to finish as soon as I can. Even a lot of people didn't understand what the program does. The program, anyway, did a random substitution cipher, then, not knowing which character was which, it analysis the ciphertext to break the cipher and obtain the original text. Many people thought it was only a normal encrypt-decrypt program, which really frustrated me because I spent weeks on that program.

Moving on, the second seminar was perfect (Physical computing). Really those people spent a lot of effort on it, and it was worth it :). Really congratulations for them and always for the best.

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