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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ArabOS finally I'm back!

I was planning to send an article about things that you don't know in C++, but I chnaged my mind to talk abt OSs. I promise I will send that article about C++ some time later.

I was working in OS in first year summer vacation, but the development stopped for some reasons. What was partially done is a boot loader and we faced a problem of how to load the kernel.
Recently I've found a site about OS development for dummies ( men 3'eer tarya2a !! ). Anyway, that site said that the last thing you should do in an OS is the loader. You better use a premade loader like GRUB.
Other problems we faced was about that the first thing must be setup is the Global Discriptor Table (GDT). I found that link to be pretty useful.
Well this is great news because at least know I know where to start, it took two years, but being late better than never.

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