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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Generalization of quantum computing ?

This is not particularly related to quantum computing itself but rather to the notion of extending the manipulating a single value to manipulating a linear combination of such values, having the combinations denote the amplitude of measurement of a single value. One extension approach would be to consider non-linear combinations, but that's not what I mean here. I am asking what if this was generalized somehow to the linear combinations of such linear combinations ? What is the possible operations we could do in a manner similar to that of quantum computing and what useful outcomes would that mean to us ? Quantum computing allowed things not thought to be possible like sub-linear search complexity (Grover's algorithm) and others like Shor's algorithm. What would further generalizations like the proposed one allow us to do that we didn't think was possible with quantum computing ? Another research direction I may want to pursue after PhD en shaa Allah =)


Islam Ossama said...

It's good to see you started blogging more frequently again!

How are things with you? Where are you nowadays?

Would love to meet and talk on GTalk sometime whenever we're both online to catch up on things :)

Mohammad Nabil Al-Aggan said...

yaaaaaaaaaah :D it's been like a year since the
last time we've have been in a "telephone" contact,,
i don't even recall when was the last time i've seen you !!

france has daylight saving time now so
our time is in fact exactly like egypt's,
i work from home so i can be available anytime
just name ur time :D

Islam Ossama said...

Actually I work from home nowadays too, or college to be more exact. I'm online on Google most of the time, so go online whenever you have some time and let's catch up ;)