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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 years in 40 lines of code; ArabOS page allocator finally arrived al 7amd llah !!

Written in C++, allocated 4 pages as shown al 7amd llah :D.
( p.s. 3o2bal el de-allocation and the sub-page allocator isA :) )


Ahmed Essawy said...

keep on :)

eng:Ahmed Hesham Mostafa said...

sorry D.Mohammed ,
why 3 years for only 40 line of codes ?

Mohammad Nabil Al-Aggan said...

because it's not the count of the lines that matter, but whether you understand the concept behind them.
It took me 3 years to understand the concept :) coding it afterwards was no problem at all.

eng:Ahmed Hesham Mostafa said...

تمام يا دكتور محمد .......دلوقتي انا فهمت ليه خدت 3 سنين عشان تكتب 40 سطر بس ......بس فهمت بعد سنه كامله من طرحي لهذا السؤال ......ربنا يوفقك بأذن الله ويوفقك جميع المسلمين لرفع راية هذا الدين

Mohammed Hewedy said...

Good luck :)