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Monday, July 3, 2006

The bright side(Masr lessa be7'eer)

I have seen a good commercial on MBC, showing the dark side then its bright side. Like, failure then ambition, dispute then democracy, I don't remember them all. I have really been sick from the pessimistic environment around us. I want to look to the good side a little. This article is about some of the good sides of the current situation of Egypt.

The education in our schools and universities at the average level dosn't seem to be quite comparable to other educational systems. Some students graduate not knowing even how to write correct Arabic, not mentioning English; how would there level be in other academic subjects they studied then! The bright side is that some students refuse to be graduated-ignorants, they study and study by them selves, maybe even reaching higher levels than other educational systems. There is also students who try to help younger students instead of leaving them by their own.

As proven, higher density of population causes aggressive manners. That's why you always see a man yelling from his car at other cars' drivers for the least cause, if not physically hitting them with the nearest piece of metal. The bright side is that if you fall out of sickness suddenly in the street you will find thousand hands helping you out. Maybe one of these hands is the hand of the person you've been yelling at. El masryeen ged3an ya3ny.

If you are for example making an OS, you will find people saying “Will you do something new, it is useless, you can't beat the XYZ's OS, you better learn something to help you in your career, etc,..”. You will hear a lot of this discouraging statement for making an RDBMS too. People who say that in my opinion discourage development of our country. Because this statements are applicable to any industry in the world from creating a pen to creating a satellite. El mafrood en e7na nas3a wel tawfi2 3ala rabena. The bright side is, as you find these people, there is other poeple who encourage development and ready to support it at any cost. I have encountered appoximately the same number of both sides. I have been recieving several emails offering to help in the OS (Thank you all Very much, your offer are greatly appreciated wa gazakom Allah 7'ayran).

Banks theifs, stole billions from this country. And bribees who take illegal extra money for making you a civil service. The bright side is that I have seen people in responsibilty position refusing to take their right so other people can take their right in full; because of lack in resources. I also have seen people who can make you a service for free to help this country(For my arabic teacher in my pre-high school who repeated the lessons that I didn't understand for me after school for free, not even knowing my name).

I have a read an article describing the environment of Al-Andalus. Arabs and Muslims was the top of science. And non-arabs was racing to learn Arabic they even couldn't write in Latin correctly. El Basra had 11 universities people come to it from every where. I think this is the reversed image of what's happening now. If they could reverse the picture so can we.

As bad things exist, good things also exists, how ever big the bad side seems. As bad things get bigger, the good side gets bigger as equal, even if we don't see it.

If you see the bright side in something please send it for all of us to feel optimistic :).


MeMo said...

sorry man
the only good thing i can see right now
is that there are still optimistic ppl in here after all what's happining
you for example lol

MeshMesh said...

gr8 post !
well, there are in facts lot of bright sides not only besides the bad sides but also within it
ya3ny for example, if u have lived success that's a bright side and if u have experienced failure there's a bright side from within the failure itself ...That's a topic to be discussed in someone's blog entry

loool @ the 1st 2-3 paragraphs ..u put that well