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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Talking with the future

Me: Hey, did you see the new graphics effects in Need for speed most wanted :| ?

Future: What are you talking about ?!! This game even doesn't have the least physics effect my physics card supports!

Me: uh..! Ok, regardless of that, Google search really changed the searching experience, I can get the most relavent documents to my search.

Future: So what ? I can just talk with my friend Lilo and he is the one who reads and understands and summerizes the information I need according to my personality and interests, I don't even need to tell him my interests, he figures it out from chatting with me.

Me: Lilo ? What is that ?
Future: My companion computer, it flies near me every where I go, and casts a friendly holographic image of a person so I can see him. He aslo understand my gestures.

Me: How big is it ?

Future: No no no no, it doesn't have volume! It just uses air particles as a meduim of computing. It is pure energy.

Me: But you talked before about a physics card! Isn't that hardware ?

Future: Nope, it is the energy reaction schema. The word "card" is used for historical reasons.

Me: How then you play a game ??

Future: We don't "play" games, we "live" games.

Me: ...

(Readers : can you think of a continuation for this conversation ?, I can, but I leave it for you, so PLEASE comment and send your ideas!!. Hints: Can you imagine how programming or 3D design will look like in the future ? )


MarieM said...

hey Nabil it's very good.
i like it very much

Mohammad Nabil said...

thanks mariem, good thing u liked it. it is great to have comments anyway whether it was good or bad.
btw, don't u have any ideas to add to the conversation with the future?

Nada Nagib said...

Hi Mohammad.

Congratualtion to ur Blog,i Know that is very Late to Send Comment.

Really,It is Great Topic That u Put it in ur Blog "Encryption" and It is Nice that we wait Ur Seminair to know how to Decrypt these Text.
Good Luck isA and we wait for others New Topics.