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Friday, February 3, 2006

OldPosts: Links digest - Volume 1 - Channel9, not sure what it is, but it looks good - Mohammad A. Meligy's Blog - Rewayat Masreya, has very good articles - Test your hacking abilities - A harder hacking test - Really great site to search for anything about programming (or about anything) - new Operator usage (there is information you might not know anywhere else) - How to choose a 3D Application (for designers) - A must-visit site for any C/C++ programmer - Using 'volatile' keyword in C++ to develop thread-safe applications
This is a new idea. Instead of keeping URLs unvisited in my Bookmarks/Favorites, I just keep them here, for me to check them later or for anyone who wants to visit them. Unfortunately adding them day by day will create too much entries. So I will just modify a sinlge entry to add new links, when the entry is big enough i will create the next Volume.
Hope you find it useful.
Note: once I repair my old PC, and have access to my 'old' Favorites you will find thousands of links here :D

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